It's a last resort, but when needed, surgery centers can be a lifesaver.  Literally.

Pets First Affordable Surgery Options available

Board Certified Surgeons may be scheduled thru DC VETS, Inc.  

Please call 540-3387387 for additional information


Our expanded ultrasound lab lets us take state-of-the-art images of your pet for diagnostics.

Thoracic and Abdominal Ultrasounds are available. 

Dental Care

Tartar is a silent killer among pets, especially cats. That's why we offer top-notch dental care. 

Annual Dental cleanings are recommended.

Our 2 digital Dental xray units can help spot problems before they get out of hand and turn into costly issues that effect your pets health.   

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Our Pet Specific MRI facility is ideal for patient monitoring and Board Certified Radiologist/Neurologist  Interpretations. Come see why we're the best. Ask for a tour.  or call for additional information.

Veterinary Services Available at Blue Ridge Veterinary 

 Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates                      Affordable Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Services 



Our two unit - state-of-the-art radiology center has the most advanced equipment in the state. offering excellent diagnostic quality images.

2 Dental Radiology and 2 Full Table units.

Offering OFA Certification digital radiograph submission. 

Pain Management

A pet with pain is no different than a person--they need customized treatment.  Class IV Laser treatments are available at BRVA. 

Specific Hospice care programs are available in clinic or in your home should that become necessary.


We fill all of our prescriptions in-house, written RX's, and have an online pharmacy for your convenience.  

In-house Pharmacy means no long waits at the

Human Pharmacy and Veterinary specific drugs are available to us at great savings that we can pass along to you.

Urgent Care   24 /7 

We are "Always" here for you ...   

Open 24/7 to help your pets

Please call 540.338.7387 for additional information.  ALL Patients are admitted to the 116 (West Building after 9 pm)