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Our facility provides 24/7 care and treatment  to veterinary patients.    

We are "always" here for you and your pets needs... 

2 Veterinary Digital Dental Radiology Stations

Sedated Radiographs for pet dentistry

 Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates                      Affordable Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Services 

2 Digital Radiology Veterinary Patient Suites

Complete Radiographic images and studies

available 24/7 by appointment or emergency admission

Ultrasound Options

We offer many levels of U/S scans

Pregnancy Verification, Abdominal or  Cardiac U/S 

LVT / DVM - with/without Board Certified Interpretation  & 

the consultation team with Veterinary Imaging Associates  

(see below)


MRI Diagnostic Imaging

What is MRI, and why does my pet need it? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)uses a very strong magnetic fields and radio waves with precise (resonant) frequencies to move hydrogen atoms (widespread in water molecules) within body tissues. 

As the atoms are manipulated, they emit tiny radio frequencies that are picked up by small antennae around the patient, called receiving coils.
​A computer analyzes the radio frequencies and constructs cross-sectional images of your pet. 

These images will allow your veterinarian to view the body at any angle of "slice," and show soft tissues better than any x-ray technique.

The highly detailed anatomical and physiological information provided by MRI is often used to look at the brain, spinal cord and nerves, muscles and joints, or other organs without the need for exposure to radiation.

Our Open Pet Specific MRI System can be monitored "hands on" at all times during a scan while our patient, your pet, is under controlled anesthesia.  

Available for scheduled ultrasound consultations.  

Call 540.338.7387 to schedule at Blue Ridge Vet


  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Thoracic Ultrasound including echocardiograms


  • Cardiology: Board certified cardiologist available for consultation & review as needed
  • Equine: Board certified equine internal medicine specialist available for review & consultation as needed
  • Internal Medicine: Includes review of diagnostics, physical exam & treatment plan by residency trained small animal internal medicine specialist.
  • Nutrition: Includes nutritional plan provided by residency trained nutritionist
  • Radiology: Board certified radiologist available for consultation and review as needed


    • Abdominal or thoracocentesis• Blood pressure testing
    • Coagulation testing• Cystocentesis
    • Esophageal feeding tube• Fine-needle aspiration
    • Voiding urohydropropulsion• Pericardiocentesis
    • Traumatic catheterization• Tru cut biopsy

    * If biopsies are anticipated, please be prepared (owner consent to anesthetize and biopsy, staffing, and preparation).

    Biopsies are NOT a sedation type of procedure. Biopsies must be preceeded by a coagulation profile. We can do this at the time of study. Sedation is required for most FNA's because patients tend to wiggle.